Kathleen Donovan

Self-Expression through
Movement and Meditation

Self-expression gives you freedom and possibility

I work with adults and children to help them express their uniqueness.
Throughout my life, I have been drawn to experiences that replace a sense of limitation with an openness to the flow of life. Over the last twelve years I have studied and practiced a dynamic body of work called Realization Process. I base much of my current work as a coach, teacher and movement specialist on aspects of this process. I also rely intuitively on my many years on the spiritual path and my work as a dancer and improvisational performer.


Kathleen Donovan, M.A., is fully certified in Realization Process.  She brings a unique perspective to this work because of her background as a performing artist, her broad experience teaching adults and children in classroom and studio settings, and her many years on the spiritual path. She offers individual sessions, classes and workshops in New York City, Woodstock and Kingston, NY, and internationally.   

Kathleen received her master's degree in dance from Columbia University Teacher's College. She has performed as a solo dancer, as a singer/songwriter, and as an improvisational actress. She has studied Imago Therapy and Communication Skills and Jin Shin Jyutsu, a system of energetic healing. She is certified in One-Brain Therapy for emotional stress reduction and performance enhancement using kinesiology as a tool, and is also certified as an Isometric Muscle Balance practitioner. She was a coach in the Artist Conference Network, which is designed to support people in the risks inherent in taking on new possibilities. She has studied acting with Carol Fox Prescott and enjoyed performing leading roles in upstate New York productions. In the summers of 1998, 2013 and 2014 she attended Keith Johnstone's summer school in improvisational theater. She teaches his exercises and games for cultivating confidence, spontaneity and joy in her impro classes.


Kathleen Donovan

      Theater Improvisation

   Access the Joyful, Fearless you!

• Find vitality and aliveness in your body
• Form positive relationships with others
• Take exciting risks in a safe environment

This workshop teaches Keith Johnstone’s methodology. The internationally recognized authority in the field of improvisation, Keith has developed exercises that help to remove obstacles that block intuitive behavior.

“It’s like being allowed to be a child again, and to exercise parts of my mind that I’d walled off years and years ago.”
-Improviser at Calgary Winter Olympics for Improvisation

When: Ongoing Thursdays, 7:30-9:30 pm, 
Where: Theater Spot, Kingston, NY (Uptown area)
Cost: 4 sessions for $90

Class size limited to 10 people. No experience necessary. To register or for more information call 845-684-5219 or email: donovanmkathleen@gmail.com